Established in 1990, GreatSea Holdings is a leading marine contractor of choice in the Singapore shipbuilding and ship-repairing industry. Although we started small, our understanding of the needs of the market strong bonds with our clients and ability to deliver quality services constantly and continuously, have boosted our growth.

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Established since 1992, we are a well-known Marine Service Provider amongst the prestigious ship yards in Singapore. Our quality service dedication and commitment has helped us to grow tremendously over the years. GreatSea operates using innovative, state-of-the-art equipment in order to offer the best cost/benefit ratio to its client companies. We specialize in the ship repairing in the yards and anchorage

Our Corporate Objectives

  • To be totally and fully committed to customer satisfaction
  • To be “the preferred partner” with all our clients
  • To provide the best workers and the highest level of expertise
  • To be committed to staff training and skills upgrading on all levels of employees in the group

  • Our Mission

    Our Mission is to provide dynamic services to meet our present and future clients requirements efficiently, effectively and timely. We provide our quality service to almost all the reputed ship yards in Singapore.

    Quality Policy/Quality Commitment

    At GreatSea we place an overriding emphasis on service quality. A strong indicator is our attainment of the stringent ISO 9001:2000 quality control standards in 2005 to ensure safe operations and service assurance. In addition, we are also member of the Marine Group’s LIUP and a full member of the Association of Singapore Marine Industries (ASMI) With Over 1200 technically qualified and experienced staff, a sizable investment in state-of-the-art equipment. Comprehensive training facilities and the support of a satisfied clientele, the GreatSea Group is well positioned to be your “contractor of choice”.


    Why GreatSea?

    At GreatSea, we view each of our clients as a valuable partner . our focus lies on providing you with right services, at the right price to cater to your specific needs.
    Our key strength lies in our ability to provide quick response to our clients’ engineering needs, especially in shipyards and anchorage, where even the slightest delay could have a large impact on the bottom line. With the ability to undertake end-to-end, turnkey projects, GreatSea’s best-of-breed professionals are committed to complete your project quickly, efficiently and on time.
    We assure our customers that they will receive the highest standard of technical support in ship management and agency services.
    It is this reliability, coupled with our quality assurance on all services that has given us the privilege of partnering with several large clients in Singapore and abroad.
    If you wish to know more about specific projects we have successfully completed, please email us at
    Great offers full-spectrum service to the marine industry in Singapore and beyond.
    We excel in offering dedicated, quality and affordable services. We are able to do so because of:

      • Our spirit of resourcefulness
      • Investment in our personnel
      • Excellence of our equipment
      • Our commitment to quick turnaround and
      • Our understanding of your bottom line

    These are the factors that have given us a reputation as valuable partner of choice in the ship repair industry in Singapore – a reputation that we strive to uphold and improve!
    Our service portfolio includes, but is not restricted to:
      • Piping
      • Steelworks
      • Mechanical Services
      • Electrical
      • Painting
      • Scaffolding
      • Cleaning
      • Riding Crew
      • General Fitting


    Able to provide fabrication and installation of all types of vessel including

    • Tug Boats
    • Supply Vessels
    • Oil tankers
    • Oil Rigs
    • Container Ship etc.,

    GSH’s skilled welders are 6G approved certified by ABS to handle carbon-steel welding and also ability to handle a wide range of materials including stainless, copper nickel, super duplex and etc.


    Undertake ship repair, new shipbuilding, upgrading and conversion.

    Our workers are 6G certified to handle carbon-steel, copper, nickel, super duplex and Allan steel.

    Riding Crew

    Offer ship owners a full-fledged riding crew (comprising qualified engineers and technical workers) who can ride with the regular crew to undertake required engineering works on board.


    Expertise in scaffolding erection, maintenance, inspection and dismantling. Our scaffolding services are approved and certified by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) Singapore.


    Whether it is Grit blasting (Up to grade 3), Hydro jetting (jet pressures from 3,000 to 30,000 psi), cleaning surveys, scrape cleaning or chemical washing, GreatSea is capable of undertaking and effectively completing thorough cleaning services. We also undertake supply of industrial cleaning consumables.


    Painting services include various types of painting (normal, epoxy, rubber coating) as well as different methods (roller painting, spray painting etc). Also provide recommendation on optimized usage of combination painting services for best results.


    Capability to deliver cable laying and steelwork services relating to switch sockets and electrical brackets.

    Mechanical Services

    Ability to service and repair winches, coolers, valves, propellers, shafts, compressors and offer total mechanical services.

    General Fitting

    General Fitting includes Carpentry jobs such as Accomodation Flooring, Polishing, Insulation, Furniture and Fittings, Modify Toilet, C-Channel, Tiles and Underlayment.

    Resources: What Gives Us The Edge!

    Experienced Staff

    GreatSea Holdings has a team of experienced supervisors on its rolls. These include professionally qualified engineers, project managers, surveyors and workflow coordinators with years of experience in handling real time, turnkey projects for large corporate clients.

    Skill, Certified Staff

    Our workforce (comprising over 1200 skilled workers) is among the best certified in the industry. For instance, in steelworks we have several ‘markers’ who are responsible for blueprint analysis. Our welders have the coveted 6G certification from the American Bureau of Shipping and TIG Certifications making them the best in the business.

    Comprehensive, Continuous Training

    In order to adhere to Singapore’s high level of safety standards, we continuously provide our staff with certified training courses. Workers are periodically sent for relevant courses like painting safety course, spray painting course, grit blasting, machine operating, and crane signal courses to help them enhance their skills. Additionally we also send our staff to Shipyard Safety Instruction Courses and Technip OAP project site safety courses to keep them up-to-date with the latest.

    Equipment and Assests

    GreatSea Holdings has investments in state-of-the-art welding, Tig and Wig equipments worth more than S$ 2 million. We also have the ‘KAMAT’ – High pressure hydro-jetting equipment capable of operation pressures of 36,000 psi and hydraulic jacks of assorted capacities. Additionally, at GreatSea, we also have open yards on long leases in shipyards in Singapore to provide you with construction services of rigs and vessels. This enables fast project turnarounds at no extra costs to our clients

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